Mitch- 18k Yellow and White Gold
This was an "Up Grade Wedding Band" and the client just wanted to treat himself to a new and modern wedding band.  We chose to use this hand hammered texture on the outside that I call wood grain 

JEFF & VALARIE- 18k White Gold, Diamonds
She wanted to use here grandmothers Diamonds in a design that was classy 
but with a slight twist. While Jeff went with one of my signature designs he had
seen on my web site.  

JANET & RUTH - 18K Gold, Sterling Silver, and Recycled Diamond Rings
 They both wanted to use the diamonds and gold that their mothers had given them to be used in their wedding bands. The diamonds were extracted and the gold was refined to go towards the cost of the rings. Then, the diamonds reset into the interlocking ring design, which was also agreed upon by the couple.

Josie & Matt- 18K Yellow Gold, Rubies, Diamonds 
For this set we went with rose cut Diamonds and Rubies so that the ring could lay low on the finger. The ring was cast and then the stones were flush set. Her side bands and his ring were all hand fabricated. 

Michael & Jess- 18k White and Yellow Gold, Diamonds, Rubies
She also wanted to incorporate diamonds from her grandmother so we included them with rubies of the same size. The design is loosely based on gears which I carried through out his and her wedding rings and her promise ring. 
NICK'S RING - 18K White Gold and Yellow Gold, 22K Gold, and Emerald 
 This client didn't know what he wanted for an engagement ring; he only knew he wanted a pear shaped emerald and mixed metals. He gave me pictures of his girlfriend's tattoos and some of her paintings to inspire my design. Ultimately, I worked off her tattoo designs and came up with a design incorporating a pear shaped emerald and a mix of 18k white and yellow gold.
LYNELLE - 18K White Gold and Blue Sapphire
 The request was to have an engagement ring and matching wedding band with a cage-like structure around the stone, which would not be a diamond. I created a design that incorporated a blue sapphire and the cage-like feeling around the stone that allows the wedding band to sit underneath the engagement ring which also has blue sapphires.
IAN- 18K White Gold 
 For his wedding band, he wanted a wide band that had a slight dome on top. In order to break up the massiveness of such a ring we decided to carve and shape the sides to give a slight organic movement to the ring.

Janet & Roy- 18k Rose Gold 
For these rings I took thick round wire and filed flat planes on three side. Then to soften the look and feel of the rings I rounded over the flat sides. 

Sarah- 14k White Gold, Diamonds
This client wanted  to replace the ring she had lost with a replica. The stones represent her husband and children, which needed another stone added since the first ring.  

 18K White Gold and Tiger's Eye Rings
 This customer had seen a ring similar to this design and wanted both rings to match for him and her but have them modified to fit his needs. So once settling on tigers eye for the stones I had them cut to his specific size requirements and then I set them into the rings. He also wanted as part of the commission to have engraved a message on the inside of both the bands.
JOSE & KATIE- 18k Yellow and White Gold, Blue Sapphire 
 They both wanted a ring that did not include a diamond, but have mixed metal colors and something that would not stick up to high. We modified one of my existing designs to create her engagement ring and a simple matching wedding band. Jose wanted a plain band with two engraved lines, and a engraved message on the inside.
KAREN & DAVE- 18K White Gold
 For their wedding rings, this couple was more interested in having a detailed engraving done which represented images of things they liked to do. So they came up with a drawing that involved activities and images from nature. They wanted both bands to have the same image but be slightly different widths.
WARREN & FRANCES- 14K White and Rose Gold
 For their wedding rings, the couple liked the symbolism of two different metals joined to create a ring. They also liked the idea of having slightly domed ring shanks and to have the sides curved to give the rings some movement. 
MATT & e - 18K White and Yellow Gold
 The design of these wedding rings incorporated elements from a variety of my other works and integrated multicolored golds.

e- 18K White and Yellow Gold, Tourmaline 
Unfortunately rings get lost and that is what happened to this client. So she re-comissioned another ring from me to replace the first one I made. There were elements of the first ring in this one, but with the added elegance and beauty of the tourmaline. 

Stephanie & Michael- Sterling Silver & 18k White Gold
For her engagement ring the design was all silver with a diamond that had the illusion of being tension set. And to carry the design of her ring to his I made two cut out notches, mimicking the top of her ring.

Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Synthetic Sapphires, and Russian Quartz
 Together with the client, who collected the stones over many years, I created a one-of-a-kind piece in which the gems signified his family members and new wife. The design of the necklace was inspired by patterns in the wedding dress.