18K White Gold, Tanzanite and Diamond - Pendant
For this piece I first carved the back plate out of wax and then got it cast. From there I connected the fabricated bezel to the cast plate. This piece is a part of a Tanzanite series that includes necklaces, rings  and earrings.

18K White Gold, Tanzanite and Diamond - Pendants
These pair of pendants were for sisters so the design I kept simple, balanced and simetriccal to each other.

18K White Gold and Tanzanite - Pendant  
The client really just wanted to show off the stone. So we kept the design open and simple but with small detail in the cut outs.  

18K Yellow, White, Rose Gold and Tanzanite
This pendant and hand made chain I made for my wife after a trip to Tanzania were I got the stone.

18K White Gold, Tanzanite and Diamonds 
This was another stone I got in Tanzania. For this piece I went off the shape of the stone and having the design radiating outward.  

18K Gold - Necklace
 A gallery wanted one of my original chain designs to be fabricated in 18k yellow gold.

18K Yellow and White Gold -Necklace
 A gallery wanted one of my original chain designs to be fabricated with 18k white and yellow gold.

Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, 14K Rose and White Gold, and Ancient Coin Pendant
 A gallery had an ancient Greek coin and wanted the coin to be able to rotate and display both sides 

TREE OF LIFE - Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold Pendant
 This client wanted  a Tree of Life pendant that also incorporated and recycled gold from jewelry she wasn't going to ware anymore. So I melted down the gold and made the wire and the balls that were used in the design.

Sterling Silver and Garnet Necklace
 She had seen a similar design I had done that had mixed in gold but she wanted it all in silver and a faceted garnet in the center, which was added.

 Sterling Silver and Opal Pendant
 This client had an opal that she got in Australia and wanted a pendant made. She had figured out a design that would allow the opal to rotate and show off both sides.