JENNIFER RAILING - Steel with Ferric Nitrate Patina 

Jennifer wanted something unique for her flat but also needed to act as security since she lives on the third floor and needed to have a barrier from people falling. Also the railing needed to be made in three sections so that it could easily be installed and moved up the stairs. I came up with this design that had a lot of movement and pattern and could be viewed from many angles.

 Front                                                                                                              Back
ONIE GATE - Mild Steel and Copper
 This client was remodeling her back porch and wanted a panel that would be framed in by her wood banister. I worked on a design incorporating shapes and randomization that she was looking for. She also liked the idea of mixed metals and a sense of a loose pattern running through out the panel. Also this panel was design so when you looked at from one side and then the other side the panel slightly changes in design.

 These clients were remodeling their home exterior and needed side railings, a front gate and a small side gate. The railing and front gate were on a bridge leading to the front door, so we used aluminum because its light weight. This also incorporated the gates with some of the other details that used brushed aluminum. This design was based on an earring that Mitch had given Susan 20 years ago.

This client wanted to re-purpose railings that she had taken off the house 15yrs earlier. So I had a basic frame to work off of so I added extenders for mounting and added the radiating stars inside the top and bottom bars. We went with her color scheme of gold and blue. 

Milvia St-steel
This was for a building that just needed some railings made to deter sitting on a ledge that was built into the building. There was a total of eleven railings going down the side of the building